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Targa DP-5200x DVD Player

Firmware version 009.324 G32-01 dated 20.12.2005 for the DVD-Player (Update)
This firmware version (20.12.2005) contains the the following changes:

- improves Nero Digital playback
- Nero Digital playback from USB and cardreader possible
- optimised subtitle position at Nero Digital playback
- display up to 3000 files in filebrowser
- now supports also *.srt, *.sub and *.ssa subtitles
- hide "zoom" icon after short time when function is used

Pleace notice the serialnumber of your DVD-player when selecting the update:

- Serialnumber lower or equal C39538068568 -> file DP5200x_RevA.ZIP
- Serialnumber C39538068569 or higher -> file DP5200x_RevB.ZIP

In order to update the firmware, download the corresponding zip-file, unpack it and follow the instructions provided in the Readme_en.txt.

The installation instructions are also provided in the Readme_DP5200.pdf.

If you accidentally use the wrong update, this can result in failure at playback. In this case just perform the rigth update. (576.7 Kbyte 20.12.2005) (576.7 Kbyte 20.12.2005)
Readme_DP5200.pdf (30.7 Kbyte 20.12.2005)